FYI: I am NOT Martha Stewart.

Hi there! This is me: a 27-year-old newlywed, newlymom, and “bonus mom”. Life is busy. But my hot glue gun is always ready for a new project.

As a child, I thought it was cool that my mom always helped my sister and I create cool Halloween costumes without a needle and thread. In high school, I took some drawing, painting, and photography classes, made memory-keeping boxes with cut-outs from magazines, and created kitschy gifts for friends. In college, a local beading store near my workplace inspired me to start making jewelry. And in adulthood, the hot glue gun has become my favorite crafting partner. Now that I’m a homeowner, I’ve also taken an interest in home renovations (and we all know one leads to another and another…) and re-styling old furniture.

I’ve tried almost everything in the crafty, DIY arena – I’d call myself a dabbler. I’m no Martha Stewart. I consider myself “fairly” crafty as I haven’t seemed to excel at one particular endeavor and have somewhat of a problem focusing on one project at a time. And let me warn you – I can’t sew! But if there is one thing I’ve learned in the world of glitter, glue, scissors, and paint, it’s that inspiration comes from everywhere. Without the internet (and recently, Pinterest) to find inspiration from other crafters and DIY-aholics, I’m not sure if I’d ever actually have the guts to try the things I have done.

Did I mention the best part? Everything I create is done in the name of saving a dime. When I see something in a store I think, I can make that for a fraction of the cost! and the wheels start turning in my head as I rush to Hobby Lobby or Michaels or a thrift store to help my idea take shape.  Recently, as I was covered in glitter and guess-and-testing my way around a Christmas cone tree and cussing at the burn on my finger from the hot glue, my husband said, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to BUY one of these, rather than make it?” I gave him the are-you-seriously-asking-me-this-again look, which he followed with “I know I know, you actually LIKE doing this stuff.” Of course, he’s right (mark the calendar, Jeff!). And I typically add, “AND I only spent $6.50 on ALL of this! Do you have any idea how much one of these costs at Pier One?”  Thankfully, I always get a supportive hug and kiss from him as we admire my latest project.  

I plan to feature home, wedding, and holiday décor, handmade accessories, and kid’s crafts in this blog.  If you are a glue-gun wielding, Martha Stewart wannabe like me, I hope you can find some inspiration here!

7 thoughts on “FYI: I am NOT Martha Stewart.

  1. Erin,
    I LOVE the crafty stuff you create! You have a vision that most people envy! I am so excited that you are my personal attendant and will help me give my bridesmaids crafty, cool, reasonably priced :) gifts!!! You’re AMAZING!

  2. Erin,
    I love this! You are so crafty! I wish I had half the talent you do! :) Keep up the good work! Love ya!

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