The Ugliest Christmas Stars You Ever Did See

Remember how I told you I am not Martha Stewart? Just checking to make sure you remember. I have a Christmas decor project that turned into a horrendously ugly waste of time.

Let me first say that I thought, Hey, I can be one of those people who just thinks of something clever and beautiful and puts things together that are mismatched but somehow look great! Who needs Pinterest!

After perusing the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby, I found these star-shaped boxes. They are supposed to be wooden boxes with lids that fit and are magnetized. However, the lids didn’t match up, and the magnets didn’t stick…therefore, they were only $.79. I excitedly perused the scrapbooking aisle and found some beautiful pieces of paper, thinking I would mod podge the stars and actually hang them individually. Two boxes = 4 stars.

Hooray for creativity!

I cut strips of paper and spent an hour or so after my little guy went to bed, mod podging the paper onto the stars. (Side note: Apparently “podging” is not a word.) The next evening, I cut the letters for my Christmas-y words: joy, peace, love, and hope. The red star uses the same paper as my smallest Christmas tree cone.

And here it is — the finished, horrendously ugly waste of time Christmas project that I will never hang in my home:

Where did I go wrong? There’s nothing worse than wasting your time, energy, and money and not being happy with the results.Is it the color choices? Should I have gone with two colors rather than four? I was trying to be all kitschy-cool and stuff.

Maybe I do need Pinterest.


5 thoughts on “The Ugliest Christmas Stars You Ever Did See

  1. I like them. The pink and red look best because the letters are in a good contrast with the backround and stick out nice. I also happen to love mod-podge. I had a really crafty idea for my 8 year old sister’s slumber party. I bought hand mirrors at the dollar store (1 for each girl). I had them decorate the backs of them with sparkles and stickers and other art supplies. After they dried i covered them in a few layers of mod-podge then sprayed them with a sealer. They loved them. Although then took a few days to dry so them couldnt take them home with them the next morning. But it was a fun activity and it left them with a unique party favor.

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