Handprint Christmas Ornament

I needed the traditional “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament for my 10-month old son. These great handprint ideas have been floating around Pinterest all season:


There are a few different ways to pull this off. You can use clear embossing ink to make the print on the ornament, then glitter it. I’ve never used embossing ink — that’s probably some new thing I should try out one of these days — so I wasn’t sure about it. Or you can use a paint made for glass. There are jars of glass paint that require baking to be hardened. But I wanted a glittery paint!

I found Martha Stewart’s new line of multi-surface paint at Michael’s, which comes in glitter colors! I also had a Sharpie paint pen from a previous wedding project.

I used my stepson as my guinea pig so I could perfect the project before trying it out with my baby.  I “painted” his hand with the glitter paint, which tickled and made him giggle. After a few failed attempts at the hand print on the ball, I discovered the easiest thing to do was to let him keep his hand still in a small bowl shape with fingers out, and I rolled the ball carefully onto his hand to make the handprint. When I tried having him close his hand around the ball, he was squeezing too tight and smudging his fingers together.

Once the handprint was painted, I hung it upside down on a wood skewer that I had placed in a drinking glass to dry.

This is my stepson’s ball (I apologize for the terrible lighting — it’s really hard to take a good photo of a clear ball!):



I used the Sharpie pen to write his name and 2011 on it.


I considered “filling in” the handprint a little bit more, but I kind of like the more homemade feeling of a TRUE handprint on it, so I think I’ll leave it. I may also go over the writing with a black marker instead, so that it stands out a little. Another idea for an older kid would be to use a Sharpie paint pen to outline the hand (the kid could hold it while you trace the hand), then fill it in with glitter paint.

Next step: Try it on the baby. I painted his hand and he giggled and squished his fingers together – I was praying he wouldn’t try to eat it. Then I pried open his fingers, quickly placed the ball on it….and then he tried to squeeze the ball and smudged it. Rinse, dry, repeat. Rinse, dry, repeat. Rinse, dry, repeat. I really don’t know how those Pinterest people got them so perfect!

I have yet to conquer the “Baby’s First Christmas” handprint ball, but I’m going to attempt it one more time tonight. I may have to do it when he’s sleeping. :) I’ll update this post if I have some success!

Merry Christmas everyone!



I managed to get somewhat of a handprint. But I had to cheat. I cleaned it up a little bit with a Q-Tip and then actually used my paint brush to sponge on the handprint a little better. It is still his handprint – the size and shape and such, but I just made it a little better-looking. It’s really hard to get a good photo of it, though!


Wyatt’s First Christmas:

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  1. Thank you for writing this! I tried the same thing and have 5 smeared prints and one decent print. I used acrylic paint and his foot which wasn’t as wiggly as his hand. Maybe try his foot? Still a challenge though! Those pinterest people are too perfect!

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