Puffy Fabric Decor Letters

I love personalization in kid’s rooms. There are so many fun ideas out there. When I saw A Girl and a Glue Gun’s post on soft fabric letters, I knew I had to try it myself. Here’s my inspiration:

All you need is some cardboard, quilter’s polyfil/batting, fabric, and a hot glue gun (or according to my inspiration post, plain old Elmer’s glue). I scrounged up some cardboard and free-handed my letters, then cut them out with an exacto. I chose to use the first letters of my son and stepkid’s names rather than their whole names since I wasn’t sure how this project would turn out.

Next, I slopped on some hot glue to the front of the letter then stuck some batting to it. Use more layers if you want the letters to be puffier.

Cut out around the cardboard.

Lay your letter face-down on the fabric, then cut the fabric with about an inch overhang on each side. Pull and glue your fabric to the back snipping here and there as you need it. Rule of thumb (same as upholstery): do opposite sides first, working from middle out to the edges.

The back is certainly not pretty but I’ll show it to you anyway:

(I apologize that I didn’t use a neutral background, but it kind of reminds me of those optical illusion patterns that you have to stare at cross-eyed to see the picture…it might work for you, too!)

With any letter that has a “hole” in it, do something like this:

I stuck some wads of that gum-like tacky stuff to backs and pressed them onto their bedroom doors.

I can see why using Elmer’s glue would be better — I burned my fingers quite a few times. However, my hot-glue gun burn tolerance is quite high. :)

It would be adorable to do a whole name for a nursery wall. Now that I have all of the “ingredients” I might just have to complete their names!




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