I Love Friday…and Furniture/Art Re-Styles

I think anyone with a slight hoarding tendency has at least one piece of furniture or artwork currently NOT being displayed in their home that:

  • you made in high school wood shop or art class.
  • your child(ren) made in wood shop or art class.
  • your spouse used in his/her dorm/apartment/college days.
  • you’ve inherited or received as a gift.
  • you got for a STEAL at a thrift store/yard sale/pawn shop (or it was 75% off at a retail store).

You know — it’s that piece that you can’t bear to throw away but you also can’t display it anywhere with pride. Well, if you don’t like it, CHANGE IT!

That’s the idea behind the Home is Where the Art Is showcase, which is an annual recycled art show and silent auction benefiting the Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity located in Moorhead, MN. You can be a part of it on February 4th! Check out these cool pieces of recycled art that will be featured this year. For more information about the benefit, visit the Lake Agassiz Habit for Humanity website.

Besides recycled art, I also love recycled or reused furniture. Click on the photos below to follow the source.

Check out this ugly dresser:

With some TLC and paint it turned into this:

Does your kitty cat need a new bed? Attach some legs to an old suitcase and paint it funky colors!

Or how about this outdated and dilapidated dresser…

…turned into a cool TV console?

Okay, this one isn’t so bad “before”, but it’s got a country kind of feel…

turned into a classy and elegant piece of bedroom furniture.

Here’s a run-of-the-mill desk and chair you might find on the side of the street during spring clean-up days…

…and the adorable re-style:

I think we all know someone who’s trying to get rid of a dated dresser like this…

…why not turn it into a beautiful, modern buffet?

I think it should be a requirement that we have to makeover our file cabinets:

Maybe you have something that is in great shape, but you’re just not in love with it…

…spruce it up! This one features a matte paint and colorful wallpaper coating on the drawer fronts.

How about your grandma’s old chair?

Modernize it with some punches of color!

What’s up with that dated dining room set?


About to throw out that really odd-shaped, musty old chair you’ve somehow acquired?

Make it look like a brand new piece from Ikea or Pier 1!

My first try at a furniture re-style was one of my husband’s pieces he’s had since his college days. It was an end table that sat in our computer area littered with junk. We suddenly needed an end table in our living room. I bought a $5 jug of glossy black paint and a knob for the drawer from Hobby Lobby and started sanding!

I love our new end table!


What is a random piece of furniture or artwork that you would like to find a new use for or refurbish?




3 thoughts on “I Love Friday…and Furniture/Art Re-Styles

  1. Love love love this peice! We are redecorating/remodeling the front bedroom. All my furniture/and a lamp I am making/or tunring something old into something fabulous! This inspired me, I wish you lived closer.

    My next project in going to be an upholstered headboard. Can you do a blog on that please?

    • Yes Heather I was planning to do a blog on an upholstered headboard, because I am planning to help out my sister-in-law with a pair for their guest room. I’ve already done ours for our bedroom but will need to take a photo of each of the steps. But if you need help before I get that up give me a call! :)

  2. I wish I could do projects like these. I have great intentions, unfortunately I don’t carry them through. I don’t have enough time for writing and scrapbooking as it is, so crafting isn’t priority number one.

    Looks like you’re new to the blogging world too. Great job on your blog.

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