Be Mine: An Applique Valentine’s Shirt

After I got stole the idea for the robot Valentine shirts for my son and stepson, I knew I had to do something more girly for my stepdaughter. I decided to do a mock candy heart applique on her shirt.


Fabric for the applique I purchased a quilting square from JoAnn’s.
Iron-on Letters (or you could use fabric paint pens or puffy paint)
Optional: Fray Check & sewing machine


1. Pre-wash and iron your t-shirt as well as the fabric you are using for the applique.

2. Using the Steam-a-Seam sheet, I did the classic “fold-in-half” technique to draw and cut out a heart. I eyeballed it to see if it was the size I wanted.

3. Peel off one side of the backing on the Steam-a-Seam and stick it to your fabric. Iron it lightly for a few seconds.

4. Let it cool a little bit before handling. The steam-a-seam is now stuck to your fabric and you can cut out your heart. I made sure I actually cut off a sliver of the steam-a-seam around the edges, because I wanted to make sure the edges of the heart would be completely covered with the fusible web so it would adhere all around.

5. At this point, I used Fray-Check on the edges as one more insurance that the fabric wouldn’t fray.

6. Peel off your backing sheet and iron it onto your shirt!

7. Cut out, place, and iron on your letters. Voila. So fast and easy! (This photo was taken before the Fray Check was dry, because I’m incredibly impatient.)


 Originally I thought I would leave it like this. I’m sure it’d be fine, especially since it’s a seasonal shirt that won’t be worn a million times (if you’re worrying about the longevity of the applique through washing). BUT since I learned how to use my sewing machine, I did a decorative stitch around the edge:

And I also made a matching tsumami flower and attached it to a hair clip.

And here is my beautiful stepdaughter modeling her Valentine shirt and hair clip!

Isn’t it adorable?

We’ve got a group of cute kids with adorable Valentine’s shirts! Click the photo to see the how-to on the robot shirts:

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