Old Jewelry = Pretty Hair Pins

I had bangs for a brief time this past fall (see my profile pic?). Now that I’m growing them out, I’m constantly pinning them back. A few days ago I was searching my hair-thingy container for some sparkly bobby pins. I didn’t find any there. So searched my jewelry holder that sits on my counter top with my favorite and most-used pieces inside. No sparkly bobby pins. Then I moved to my “Jewelry I Rarely Wear” box inside the linen closet. No sparkly bobby pins….but there were a lot of pieces of old jewelry that I’ve hung on to for some reason. Wait…that’s a lie…I know the reason: they’re sparkly. :)

These are a few of the pieces I started with: a necklace and two random pieces that have fallen off of a belly button barbell (once upon a time…when I was a cheerleader who had abs… I had it pierced). I also ended up finding an earring with no matching pair (not pictured yet).

Using my jewelry snips I cut the loops off the gem flowers on the necklace. I hot glued all of the pretty sparklies onto my bobby pins.

(sorry for the bad photo quality)

For the three-flowered one, I used a filigree bead cap and glued them on to that first.


I’m not certain how well the hot glue will hold up. I’m thinking I may need to use E-6000 glue instead, but we’ll see.

Today I wore the pretty multi-colored earring pin:

I’m starting to look at my “Jewelry I Rarely Wear” box in a whole different light!

Do you have old pieces of costume jewelry you could upcycle?