DO YOU DIY? Calling All DIY’ers in the Red River Valley and Beyond!

I’m really not the type to toot my own horn, and blogging is basically just that. Toot toot. But I know there are some REALLY talented people out there, and sometimes I get intimidated when I picture those true Martha Stewarts reading my blog and thinking “Psht….this is for the birds.”

This bird?

So let me share YOUR projects!
Do you like to craft? Scrapbook? Remodel? Refashion? Sew? Bake?
Thrift and restore? Woodwork? Make jewelry? Upcycle?

First, have you subscribed to get my updates in your inbox? I’d really appreciate it. All you need to do is go to the right sidebar and subscribe to get Fairly Crafty updates in your inbox. You will type in your email address and decipher a fun little captcha. Important: you have to check your email and click the link to actually activate it. Merci beaucoup! I promise, you will only get an email from my feed when I post a new blog. That’s it.

Then send me an email with some photos of your projects and a little information about how you did it. Include before and after shots if applicable. Please include your name and where you live (if you want to remain anonymous, that’s okay). I’ll include your projects in future posts – such as my I Love Friday series — or may ask you to write a tutorial/”guest post”.

This is an open-ended invitation. I’m not putting a “deadline” on this. So whether you are reading this today or months from now, send your projects my way!


4 thoughts on “DO YOU DIY? Calling All DIY’ers in the Red River Valley and Beyond!

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