I Love Friday!…and Lace

Lately I’m loving lace. It is gorgeous and can be used for more than just lingerie and weddings! :)

Click the photos to follow the source.

This necklace is from an Etsy seller, but would be simple to DIY. Use some Stiffen Stuff and connect the lace to a chain:

An asymmetrical lace necklace:

Another item available for purchase, but you could use an old t-shirt or sweater and attach a length of lace to make a cool and pretty scarf:

Unfortunately, the source on this one is not in English

One more Etsy store, but if you found the lace this pretty applique would be easy to attach to a headband:

An awesome lace mason jar tutorial:

I might have to try this out:

Lace Skirt Extender:

Add lace sleeves to a plain tank:

Lace Fascinator:

DIY Lace shoes…x’s 2!

Lace-covered votives:

Spray Painted Lace Lamp:

One more lace lamp:

A wedding invitation I would never want to open:

"Uh, sorry, I wasn't sure what time your wedding was because I refused to open your invitation..."

Lace Doily Bangle:

Lace home decor to the extreme. The website it’s from SAYS that it is DIY…but there are no directions nor any links to where you would buy such a huge piece of lace like this. I don’t have the first clue how you’d accomplish it. Either way, it’s GORGEOUS:

And who doesn’t think of a wedding dress when we say “lace”?  This makes my heart flutter:

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I was browsing through a fabric store this weekend and saw some pretty lace that had kind of a geometric pattern. I thought of this post and started debating on if I should try something with it!

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