I Love Friday!…and Mudrooms

My prerequisite for our next home is that it must have a mudroom. When the seasons change, the need for a mudroom is extraordinary! Our entryway is strewn with winter coats and boots as well as spring jackets and shoes — and don’t forget about the occasional playthings that traveled outdoors and made it back inside but need a thorough de-mudding. Living in the North, we ride a weather roller coaster when the seasons change. I’m always hesitant to put away the winter things right away, because you might need them again at the drop of a hat (or rather, a snowflake). And if you’re like us and have no entryway closet, it becomes incredibly hard to store the riff-raff.

Oh, how I long for any of these versions of a mudroom:


I love the layout and the cabin-feel the ceiling gives it.


Everything you could possibly need in a mudroom/entryway.


Perfect heights for kids and adults.

The combination of everything is just right.


Pops of color and organization for $324! (Ikea)


A unique color combination that includes my favorite shade of purple!


A cubby for each person in the family.


If we HAD an entry closet, you can bet it'd be transformed like this.


Duh! Put your bins on wheels!


Do you have a great entryway/mudroom? Or how about a storage idea for all that random riff-raff in a small space? Share your ideas in a comment below or email me pics at fairlycrafty@hotmail.com.