A Wall Paint Disaster

It’s easy enough to share our successes with the blogging world. I’m typically proud of the projects I have posted here for all to see…but I’m going to be brave here and show you a major mistake. I’m a teensy bit embarrassed that I even thought this would work.

My husband and I are not fans of white walls. Let me rephrase that — Erin is not a fan of white walls, and Jeff just goes with it. I’m one of those odd people who enjoys painting, so if he’s not doing the work he doesn’t have much say. :) However….we went overboard: Easter exploded in our house.

We have a split-level home. You walk up the stairs right into a hallway, which is open to our living room, which is open to the dining area, which is open to our kitchen. Also, at the moment you walk into our entry, you can see into that hallway and kitchen through a cut-out window in the wall. Our colorful adventure began when we removed the wallpaper from the tall entry walls and painted them Gaucamole (Pittsburgh Paint color). We were going for more of a sage hue, but the guacamole ended up being a bit brighter than planned although we liked it.

Then we painted the rest of the entryway and our hallway and living room a very soft yellow (Pittsburgh Paint Winter Wheat). Here you can see the yellow in our entry wall + a hint of the guacamole:

And here is another viewpoint, please ignore the random splotch that we patched and haven’t yet painted, and the baby gate I’ve been meaning to stain to match…(too many projects, so little time!):

(Photo taken at night…VERYYY bad lighting!)

We have long sage green curtains on our living room window and patio door that ties in the green from the entryway. My husband refused to allow me to paint our kitchen yellow, so those walls have remained white. And when every wall in your house is painted, the white walls look unfinished and that drives me insane.

So let’s see…..creamy yellow + guacamole green + ___________? We’ve struggled with our kitchen color choice, until I saw some pretty very light blue/gray kitchens on Pinterest that I fell in love with. I thought that could be a safe choice.

We took paint swatches home in different shades of gray and blue. The one we settled on was more blue than I originally anticipated choosing, but I went with it anyway. I foolishly thought that the kitchen was far enough away from the entryway that it wouldn’t be a big deal if we were adding another “color” to the palette. I neglected to realize the close proximity of the green curtains to this new blue wall. I painted some edges, painted around the outlets…then turned around to look at the results…and then noticed the irony of the situation that my stepson was watching the movie “Hop” at the very moment that I realized our house had become a giant Easter egg.


 DISASTER! Now what? Part of me wanted to start with a clean slate — Let’s paint everything WHITE again! My husband would freak.

I scoured the internet and Pinterest for some saving grace. I don’t want to scrap the yellow, I actually love that color. It brightens up our home. It’s the “other” colors we have a hard time with in an open concept area. I did some research (uhh…maybe should have done that first!) on open-concept living areas and how to paint them. One suggestion was to use a color (like our yellow) and any other walls/areas that are connected to make them a more neutral color (either the same, or use different shades/intensities).

So now I was on to something. Paint our kitchen and the entry walls the same color. Duh. That way, when you look from our entry up into the kitchen, it’s cohesive. That makes sense. So I thought maybe we should paint our kitchen green. Then I had visions of my dad coming for a visit, proud of our Packer-esque home, and trying to convince him it wasn’t some intrinsic desire to support his favorite NFL team.  Needless to say, I continued scouring the ‘net….

Then I found the ultimate inspiration!

I’m absolutely in dreamy-eyed love with this color scheme…the wallpaper…the painted ceiling, everything! The dark woods even match our laminate! We wouldn’t be able to paint the ceiling (although I love the idea for different spaces) but we already have the yellow part covered. The wallpaper could easily be redone with a stenciled wall, right? I’ve never done that but you know how I like a new project. I swiftly checked out stencils online and found my favorite here:

But I was pretty sure I’ve seen stencils at Hobby Lobby, so I checked them out first. There, they only cost $16.99 compared to the $50+ price tag online. I haven’t decided which version I like yet, but I’m waiting for Hobby Lobby to restock their shelves this Thursday!

So here’s the plan to fix my major color faux-pas and make a more neutral and happy home:

1. Prime/paint over the guacamole — get rid of it completely! It will be  either Ashen Gray or Driftwood Gray (DutchBoy colors):

2. Stencil over the entry walls with white design

3.  Paint our kitchen walls either the same shade of gray or one shade darker.

4. Decide whether to scrap the sage green curtains in our living/dining area or keep em.

5. Swap out the matting on the gallery wall pics.

I can already feel the “ahhh” moment ahead of me. So excited!

Now, hubby isn’t so sure about my newest “vision”. He thinks gray and yellow don’t go together. I say, YES THEY DO!

(These shades match the closest to what I’m envisioning)

Do you need more convincing that gray and yellow work well together? Check out my last blog!

Now I just have to pick between the warmer version of gray or the cooler version to go with Winter Wheat. The problem is, in person I like the warmer tone better, and on the computer I like the cool one!

Now, please make me feel better for my terrible idea that resulted in a house fit for the Easter Bunny….

Have you ever made some major painting mistakes? How did you “fix” it?


3 thoughts on “A Wall Paint Disaster

  1. I’m totally with you on this… I find myself going nuts with paint colors (I’m still sort of in the process of this part, actually) to only realize that I love the look and feel of neutrals. It’s just so tempting to throw on the fun colors! It looks like you’ve got some great inspiration, though… looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. I too painted a 20 ft high accent wall guacamole. The other walls soft fern. Even though I love each of the colors. Both are a recipe of disaster when painting the rest of the house. The soft fern has to go and eventually the guacamole will too. I am painting today over the soft fern with Wheeling neutral in hopes that I will not have to take on the 20ft accent wall and bringing in char brown accents. Our home is cedar and woodsy mountain chalet style so I hope this works better.

    • OH I agree, the green has to go with basically everything when you can see it from basically everywhere!! It can be a pain.

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