Too Many Projects…So Little Time.

When you have a bazillion things to do that don’t necessarily HAVE to be done rightnow (or ever), how do you organize and prioritize? Craftaholic/remodelholics out there must have better systems than mine. It seems the moment I finish one project I have 10 ideas for new ones already, with half the supplies scattered on my craft table. And Pinterest has not helped that whatsoever.

I make lists. See? These are a few lot of lists that I scrounged up while I was cleaning my purse and desk at work. Work lists, packing lists, grocery lists, craft idea lists.

I’m not sure what the point of a list is if I keep it in my purse or stow it away  until I throw it away (you’re supposed to cross things off those lists, right?)…but for some reason, the task of list-making helps clear my mind and allows me to visualize what needs to be done without getting stressed out.

Now I will torture you with the list of items I have/want to do:

  • Stenciling the newly-painted entryway. I even planned an afternoon off from work for the task, but we ended up having a death in the family and left town for a long weekend, and haven’t had an opportunity to get to it yet – plus I’m still deciding! (Please leave your vote in a comment on my last blog!)

  • Painting glasses for bridal party gifts for a friend. I have until August 11th until they need to be complete, so they shall wait. I actually did manage to complete a pair for a different event last week:

  • Random trim pieces that need to be installed…octogon window, kitchen baseboard, entry stairs, and vanity kickplate piece (another blog that is waiting for revealing until the darned thing is COMPLETE!). I cut new trim for our octogon window in our entryway (yes, I cut them. I’m a genius with a miter saw. Jeff still doesn’t believe that the pieces will fit when they’re up there, but I will have the last laugh.) And the kitchen will not be finished (nor will a photo be taken so I can reveal our gray walls) until the baseboard trim is on!
  • Oh wait, we discovered that the octogon window needs to be replaced before trim can go on. And I’m going to take a wild guess that we won’t find an octogon window of the exact dimensions of the old one. So I will probably have to cut new trim after that is installed.
  • Oh, remember how I bought that old dresser to refinish and turn into a TV console for our family room? I’m still really excited to get to that, and I’m even contemplating using it in our living room instead of our family room. I have the plan, I have the tools, I just need the time.

  • We have this thing. I don’t know what to do with it but I want to do something with it. More on the elusive thing another time, but this is what I want the thing to turn into:

  • Install new carpeting in our master bedroom. We have the carpet already, so the cost factor is done, we just need to take care of it.
  • And when you have no carpeting in your room, that’s the best time to update paint! It’s the ONLY room in our house I haven’t touched with a paint brush since I moved in. It’s overdue. I’m thinking….teal blue!
  • Father’s day! You know I have a few ideas in mind.
  • Organize craft area. I thought I had it organized when I first set it up, but it’s totally not. I need a better system.
  • I picked up a new Miche bag (the classic version) from a thrift store, so now I want to make new covers for that one!
  • My grandma broke her favorite pair of earrings, so I’m set on the task of repairing them, and making her 2 extra pairs in different colors.
  • I’m half-way done with a hair clip holder for my stepdaughter.
  • A few wedding crafty projects need to get done…like TONIGHT!


Sadly, I could keep going, but these are the for-sure-going-to-tackle-one-of-these-days projects.

Things that get in the way of crossing things off my list (another list!):

  • Child/children. A few of these things need to be done in kid-free land…which is…um….never……
  • Money. Some things just cost money.
  • We had a garage sale. They take up so much time, but at least that also means we got rid of crap and can look forward to a more organized future.
  • We’re going on a vacation! Wooo! (I have been working on my packing list…) It’s technically our honeymoon but since we’re taking our 1-year-old, I’m not sure we can call it that. It’ll be our first flight with our baby, so I feel like there is a lot of list-making to do. But vacation also means taking time off of work to go away to do something (albiet fun) and then coming home to a house that looks the same as it did when you left  (it always seems like a shocker, doesn’t it? Like we expected some good samaritan would break into our home to improve it for us while we’re away?) I always think of the line from one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies, The Money Pit: “Ahh. Home crap home.”   Are you sick of my rambling yet?

The point is, I forget what it feels like to be bored.

How do you prioritize your projects?




I know what you’re thinking….
She could have finished a project in the time it took her to write this blog.




5 thoughts on “Too Many Projects…So Little Time.

  1. I am kid and job free so don’t have the time limitations that most people do. But what I do to keep me finishing things is that I don’t let myself start a new project until the last one is done. I have an ongoing list of things I want to do but no new projects get started until the last is done and pics taken. I had a chair in the middle of an upholstery sitting untouched for a month as I got intimidated to move on. It was killing me not doing something else every time I walked by that darn chair, but I stuck to it. As far as prioritizing, my emphasis is the bigger impact house projects (like your trim, stencil, dresser project) but I like to alternate with little easier to do projects that can be done more quickly (like the glasses, earrings).

    • If I could be kid and job free once a month that’d be lovely! :) Thank you for your commiseration and advice! I agree, we need to focus on our big projects.

  2. Oh Erin, finally getting around to looking at your blog and I have no excuse for being too busy. Keep at it – the things that really need to be completed will be and the rest will wait for you. All of that talent and creativity just welling up in you!!

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