I Love Friday…and Vacations!

Memorial Day weekend and summer vacation is upon us, and for many families, our travel plans begin to unfold. Personally, we’re flying out tomorrow for our honeymoon! (I don’t know if we can call it that since we’re taking our one-year-old, but oh well.)

Travel + family = bored kids. You have to get from point A to point B somehow, right? Whether you’re flying or driving, you need a way to occupy your children. I’m anticipating our newly-walking toddler absolutely NOT wanting to sit in my lap on the plane, so I need some fun stuff for him to do. We’re also looking forward to a 9-hour drive this summer with our toddler and my 4-year-old stepson. Some of this stuff will surely come in handy!

Here are some great DIY travel-with-kids ideas! (Click the photo to follow the source)

Treats Container for Each Kid!
DVD Case Turned into a Coloring Case
Magnetic Sheet – Many Uses!
Track Your Trip’s Progress – A great visual for kids! (And it just might stop the “Are we there yet?”‘s
Car Garage + Lap Street – my stepson would love this.
Legos, to go!
Oooh, what a great idea for my one-year-old!
Another option like the previous – I think I’ll whip one up for toddler fun!
My son is obsessed with clips! Perfect “toy”!
Felt Playboard


┬áTONS of ideas for road-trip games here! –> MomsMinivan



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  1. THIS just made it in my “things I someday want to do” pile. :) We have a long trip coming up this November! Awesome thanks!

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