I Love Friday!…and Kids Doing Chores!

Wow, did that title make me sound like an evil stepmother or what? “You shall clean and scrub my floors, little child, while I relax and sip my martini!

No but really, giving your children chores teaches them stuff, right? Like responsibility. And respect for things. And if they’re lucky enough to earn allowance they get money and learn the value of that, too!

Here are some great printables and ideas for helping to organize your children’s chores. Click the photo to follow the source!

Punch Card

Magnetic Chart #1

Magnetic Chart #2

Chore Surprise
– This version is color-coded by room – or you could color coordinate with the “intensity” of the chore, so that yellow earns $1, red earns $2 and so on!

Printable Flip Cards with Simple Instructions and Graphics
– Great for kids that can read – also so that you don’t have to repeat what entails “vacuuming” over and over again.

Simple Check Mark Chart
– Great for younger kids, but may need graphics if they can’t read yet!

Pre-K Chore Charts

Magnetic Chore Chart
– Each child gets his or her own colored smiley face


– Pick a clothespin/chore out of the jar and hang it on the line when done!

 Graphic Magnetic Chore Chart
– Another great one for non-reading children

Do you have any great methods to get your kids interested in doing chores?
Do you offer a chore allowance?

DIY Wedding Gifts

We got back last week from our Nashville vacation, and of course it was awesome! But I can’t go on vacation without tackling some DIY projects first. Part of the reason for our trip was to attend my friend Carrie’s wedding. They are the cutest, funniest, kookiest, kindest couple ever. And they got married on an apple orchard. It was perfect, just like them:

Me and the Hubs!

Bridal Pantry Shower

One of the interesting and unique things about this wedding was that they threw the bride a “pantry shower”. I’d never heard of this before. Guests are sent two recipe cards in their invitation and are instructed to bring one or two recipes as well as the dry ingredients needed to make it. Stock the bride’s pantry and recipe box!

I conjured up a special bread stick (or cracker/pita chip) dip, which is a top-secret recipe from a favorite hometown restaurant, as well as the perfect summery watermelon-cucumber salad.

DIY Coasters

As an additional wedding gift, I made these coasters:

I’ve never attempted to make coasters before but I love how they turned out! It is a very easy, inexpensive project. There are a lot of tutorials on the web for making tile coasters (often used as wedding favors as well!) but the one I used is this one from The Cottage Home.  The photos were stolen from the bride’s Facebook album of engagement pics and I altered them all to be in black and white.

I did run into a few problems along the way:
A) Vellum doesn’t work. I tried printing the photos on vellum, they looked AHHH-Mazing on top of the white tile. I thought it’d be awesome to buy colored tiles so that the color would show through the white spots. With the white tile, it really made the black and white prints pop. However, the moment the mod podge touched the vellum, it curled up in the corners and was impossible to lay flat. Also, I didn’t wait long enough for the ink to dry on the vellum (waited 6 hours instead of 24 as some tutorials say to do) so it just ran everywhere.
B) Many tutorials use tissue paper. Awesome idea. But I couldn’t get my inkjet printer to print on it – even when taped to a piece of card stock or paper, my inkjet jammed up the tissue. Oh well. I resorted to printing the photos on  regular paper which turned out beautifully, anyway!

Silly Gift – Thought Bubble Pillows

 The second shower gift I gave was inspired by these:

I pre-washed the cases, then used a dark blue fabric marker to draw the bubble, with a layer of cardboard inside the pillow cases. Hint – start the top “hill” of your bubble, then do the bottom part, then connect the two parts so that your thought bubble turns out symmetrical.  Jamie will be dreaming about Carrie for the rest of his life now. (Oh wait, he was going to do that anyway, right?) I really wanted to make sure it was him dreaming about her, so I had to blatantly ask her which side of the bed she sleeps on.

One of the pitfalls of blogging is that you’re supposed to take pictures. Dang it. I forgot to get a photo of the actual lovely couple in dreamland.

Other Wedding Gifts

I decided they probably didn’t want ALL handmade, DIY gifts…although believe me, I thought about it…I almost made something like my entryway sign:

So instead, I gave the DIY gifts plus the recipes at the bridal shower. As for the actual wedding gift, we gave them the book “Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See” and a gift certificate to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center so they can catch a Broadway show!

Have you seen some unique, DIY wedding gifts or favors?