I Love Friday!…and Kids Doing Chores!

Wow, did that title make me sound like an evil stepmother or what? “You shall clean and scrub my floors, little child, while I relax and sip my martini!

No but really, giving your children chores teaches them stuff, right? Like responsibility. And respect for things. And if they’re lucky enough to earn allowance they get money and learn the value of that, too!

Here are some great printables and ideas for helping to organize your children’s chores. Click the photo to follow the source!

Punch Card

Magnetic Chart #1

Magnetic Chart #2

Chore Surprise
– This version is color-coded by room – or you could color coordinate with the “intensity” of the chore, so that yellow earns $1, red earns $2 and so on!

Printable Flip Cards with Simple Instructions and Graphics
– Great for kids that can read – also so that you don’t have to repeat what entails “vacuuming” over and over again.

Simple Check Mark Chart
– Great for younger kids, but may need graphics if they can’t read yet!

Pre-K Chore Charts

Magnetic Chore Chart
– Each child gets his or her own colored smiley face


– Pick a clothespin/chore out of the jar and hang it on the line when done!

 Graphic Magnetic Chore Chart
– Another great one for non-reading children

Do you have any great methods to get your kids interested in doing chores?
Do you offer a chore allowance?

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