Master Bedroom ReVamp in Teal

I say this a lot, but you know how one project leads to another? That’s how this got started. We bought carpeting for our master bedroom almost a year ago. It has sat in our garage since then, waiting for some precious time and manpower to install it. Well, that day finally arrived!

Here is the lone “before” photo we took in the middle of the carpet installation:

The brown thing on the wall is our upholstered headboard which I promise to post about soon…it looks a little odd without a bed underneath it. The two-toned walls were separated by a chair rail. If you could see the rest of the room in a “before” shot you would also see a huge hole in the wall where a flat screen once hung, plus a random assortment of decor mixed with 2 hanging guitars.

And as I stood in this room with the flooring dismantled, I kept chanting to myself “No..I do not need to paint this room…it’s okay the way it is…it’s okay…” I have painted literally every room in the house since moving in, except for this one. I also forced these thoughts into my head because I really don’t need another project….

Then we installed the carpeting. And Jeff said the magic words first: “This doesn’t match at all!” For whatever reason, the tones in the carpeting looked horrible with the tones of the walls, even though we had picked the carpet color based on samples we’d brought home!

And with those simple words, I jumped into Paint Scheme Land! The good news is that although I’m decision-challenged with some projects (like my entry wall), this was an easy one. I love teal.  And I’ve always loved teal and red together, which also goes with brown…all the colors we already have present in our bedding/decor.

We quickly found our paint colors: Flax by Eddie Bauer paint, and Jamaican Dream by Pittsburgh Paints.

I sweetly explained to hubby that if we were keeping the chair rail, then we needed crown molding….after which he promptly decided to remove the chair rail. He spent 2 days patching holes, texturing walls, and priming and painting our bedroom.

Ahh, a new bedroom! So exciting. Ready?

Our quilt was a handmade wedding gift from my aunt. The pretty red lamp is from Hobby Lobby. Our furniture is from Menards!

I will be posting soon about the artwork above the headboard, as well as the headboard itself.  I need to find a few little things for the wall and possibly rearrange a little, but I’m pretty happy with it so far!

Here you see the fan that unfortunately is really necessary in our house with no A/C.

 Here’s a closer look. Sorry, I do not believe in throw pillows. :)


 Even baby W loves to sleep in our “new” bedroom…

If you haven’t noticed…you didn’t see any other parts of the room in this post. I am working on decorating it!

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