I Love Friday…and Easy, DIY Art!

A coworker of mine recently announced that she wants to try making a big piece of artwork for her new apartment, but wasn’t sure she’d have enough room to do a piece. I say put an old sheet on your kitchen table and chairs and get to work!

Here are some great EASY ideas for DIY artwork – click the photo to follow the source/tutorial.

 Cut thick Styrofoam and cover with fabric:

Cover a shoe box lid with fabric:

Find a tree branch and hang it:

Or how about some Painter’s Tape:

Pretty Paper Circles on a Canvas:

Find something you already own, be creative with it, and hang it on the wall:

Paint Chips:

Paint & hang a decorative mat:

Got kids? Let ’em loose:

 Paint over a thrift store canvas – who can’t paint circles/splotches?

Buy some wooden letters, paint them, and glue them on a canvas or board:

Put your favorite quote – very imperfectly perfect – on a canvas:

Salvage an old pallet:

 Hang frames from a curtain rod:

Cut simple petal shapes from scrapbook paper and glue to a canvas:

Use a pretty stencil on a board:

Create a silhouette of your favorite person or pet:

Drizzle some paint on an assortment of colored canvases:

And let’s just say you’re kind of brave with an exacto knife – cut canvas:

Or let’s say you’re REALLY, REALLY BRAVE with an exacto knife:

Good luck with your next DIY wall art — Share your own great ideas in the comments!