PEZ Dispensers: Unique Wedding Guest Favors

One of my readers, Miki,  shared an awesome and unique wedding favor idea with me. Her niece recently got married and they hand-picked a PEZ dispenser for each guest.

As you can see, the bride and groom were also represented:

The bride and groom made the selection for their guests based on personality, where they live, or what they do for work or love to do! Now that’s some creativity and hard work!

Miki has a love for cats, and her husband works for a farm implement dealer. These were their hand-picked PEZ dispensers:


Thank you, Miki, for sharing this unique idea!

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3 thoughts on “PEZ Dispensers: Unique Wedding Guest Favors

  1. Thanks for putting the PEZ dispenser idea on your blog! I’ve texted my niece so she can take a look.

  2. We just did Pez dispensers at our wedding last weekend. We had a superhero/Star Wars theme to our reception, so we just went and cleared all the Wal-Marts in town of anything in that vein they had and put them on the table. The guests had a ton of fun trading with each other to get the ones they wanted.

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