Halloween Wrap-Up (Better Late Than Never!)

I’m almost embarrassed to post this because it’s been almost 2 weeks since HALLOWEEN! However, I love any excuse to dress up, or help others to dress up….thus, I love Halloween. Even 2 weeks after Halloween, I’m still thinking about Halloween. This is a wrap up of our holiday (PS. My mom says it’s not a holiday. I disagree.):


This year my husband and I went as the Riddler and Poison Ivy — These are the inspirations and the results:

Batman (my brother-in-law) was part of our festivities as well. I love that my husband just goes with my wild ideas – he was decked out in green glitter and also wore eyeliner and eyeshadow…he somehow has the confidence to pull it off, and he got a lot of great compliments! He did say, “Next year, NO GLITTER.”

The Riddler’s staff was actually a wooden number 2 with the bottom cut off, attached with glue and a screw to a wooden ball, attached again with a screw and glue to a dowel. Then COATED in glitter, of course.

The eye pieces were my favorite part of my costume. I cut out fake leaves and glued them together, cutting to fit my eye, and adding some glitter by gently brushing mod podge to the edges. I adhered them to my face with eyelash glue.


My stepdaughter wanted to be a purple fairy, so we used her former flower girl dress as the starting point. We actually tried dying it but the dye didn’t take to the chiffon fabric. I resorted to gently spray painting it purple and also used a can of purple glitter spray paint as well. I created the feather skirt by simply tying feathers to strips of ribbon…that she didn’t end up wearing. Using mod podge and glitter, I made the mask sparkly and hot glued on the feathers to the edges.


My toddler son finally fit his cowboy boots that we had since he was a baby, so that lent itself to a cowboy costume. I was rather proud of myself for sewing my first real “outfit”! However I decided later that the black leather – sans cowboy hat – made him look more like a biker dude than a cowboy. Oh well.

Unfortunately by the time Halloween rolled around, his cowboy boots no longer fit!

And our one store-bought costume was Hulk, my stepson:


And at work, our department of all-women were witches.

I rounded out my outfit with a hunch back under my cape:

 Oh, Halloween is so much fun!!

I already have ideas for next year. :)

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