I’m Still Here…Sort Of.

I am a very, very bad blog neglect-er. I should probably be reported to BPS (Blog Protective Services). I have a lot of excuses!

Remember I like to make lists…..thus, my list of excuses:

1) As I told you before, I dived into the world of photography. It has been a really fun process getting to know my camera and taking portraits and doing it with a friend, too! We are venturing down the road of business ownership and have been working on our portfolio. We never plan to become full-time photographers so we’re trying to keep it a hobby that also gives us a little extra dough! See some of our work on our newly-developed (and slightly still under construction) website: www.jolie-images.com.

2) My husband Jeff and I have started a new diet. And by diet, I don’t mean “fad diet” because I have literally never, ever dieted in my life. I just mean we are consuming different food than we have before, not for a short period of time to lose weight or anything, but for a healthy life. For the last month we have completely cut out wheat products (not just gluten but all forms of wheat) and have noticed some awesome and crazy changes in how we carry our weight (and have lost some), our skin, our sleeping habits, our energy level throughout the work day, and I’ve discovered I must have some sort of a gluten intolerance on top of that — what I used to think was normal, sure isn’t.  I won’t get into any more details because I feel like everyone has the ability to research it yourself, but if you are wondering, we’re following Wheat Belly which does also coincide slightly with Paleo. The downside is that I am spending a lot more time in the kitchen making a lot of meals from scratch, which means I am spending a lot less time doing anything crafty.

(I would love to insert a before-after photo that we took but I’m not ready to share that with the world!)

3) I need to finish a few projects in their entirety before I feel like I can post them here. And those will happen after X gets done, or Y gets done. I have been trying harder to stay on top of my housework, and forcing myself to use craft time as a reward. But then 9pm hits and the kids are in bed and I really don’t want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch reruns of The Walking Dead or Grey’s Anatomy or Friends.

4). My son is 2. HE’S TWO! I love this age. I’ve loved every age! He grows and learns so much on a day-to-day basis that I feel like I never want to leave his side, or I’ll miss something! And lately he just can’t get enough of “Wock? A bee-bee?” so I can’t skip the opportunity to “rock a baby” because I know these days are numbered.

5) My hubby works a lot. And I hate it. Not to sound like a lousy whiner because I DO realize it could be worse….but seriously. Whoever decided that paying someone straight commission and NO hourly pay and that even though they weren’t getting paid for it, they have to work every freaking Saturday, had no family or loved ones to spend their time with. We get one day together a week, and that’s Sunday. We cherish our one day to spend as a family. I would feel guilty spending my one day without having to be the sole watcher-of-the-children doing crafty things.

The good news is, that almost a year ago I made a list of projects to-be. It’s nice to make lists because then you can see your progress!  I’ve recently organized my craft area, the console just needs hardware, and other odds and ends have been completed in our house from that list! Okay, now I don’t feel so guilty.

I promise to share a few fun things this month!