I Love Friday…And Refashion!

Refashion, upcycle, repurpose — whichever term you use, it helps save the environment and won’t put a dent in your wallet. You can do amazing things with clothing or jewelry you already own!

Clicking the photos below will take you to the tutorial.


 T-shirts turned into a girl’s dress


How to turn a plain t-shirt into something pretty!

 Turn a child’s shirt into a bib!

Knee socks turn short sleeves into long sleeves!


Cover worn or scuffed shoes with fabric.

T-shirt turned braided belt.


Add braided edging to a t-shirt

Adult button-down turned into a girl’s dress!


Adorable boy hats from t-shirts

Non-permanent way to make a shoulder bag from a tank!

Turn a men’s tie into a bracelet.

My own necklace refashion (no tutorial, sorry!)

LOVE THIS: Turn a placemat into a pretty clutch!

Scraps of colorful fabric make a funky lamp shade! Would be so cute for a girl’s room.


 We are currently preparing for a garage sale…and you can bet I’ll be looking a little harder at the items I’m selling to see if I can refashion them instead!

My Dog Ate My Shoes

A few years ago, my mom bought me some awesome, fun heels for my birthday. I’m the first to admit, I’m not a shoe person. I LOVE (other people’s) shoes but I can never justify spending money on them. I’m more likely to rotate the same 4 shoes into my weekly wardrobe, saving the pretty stuff for special occasions (like my DIY-bling wedding shoes). I wore the pretty and colorful heels for my birthday in 2008 and sang some karaoke with my sister:

We were rockstars!

 In 2009 I was living in Nashville, and may have had to remove my heels for walking purposes:

For whatever reason, I never had the guts to wear them on any other occasion. So I now refer to them as my Birthday Heels.

Let’s fast-forward. I moved from Nashville to Fargo to be with my now-husband, and about a year later we got a puppy. Don’t let these innocent eyes betray you:

Because Nash’s personality is better represented here:

And he ate my birthday shoes.

Luckily, I caught him before he dug into the actual SHOE and he only ate the ribbon part. I couldn’t bear to throw them away because he didn’t seem to absolutely ruin them, they seemed fixable. Time went on…and I didn’t get to wear them for my next birthday or the one after that. They sat in my closet for two years, patiently waiting for me to have a shoe epiphany. I found them in my closet a few weeks ago and thought to myself “I WILL wear my birthday heels this year!” My birthday is not until April, but when I get a bug in me to do something crafty I can’t wait.

I carefully removed the half-eaten ribbon, which to my surprise was simply sewed onto the shoe. I snipped the stitches and was left with a shoe that was decent, but seemed a little naked to me.

Around the same time, I was browsing Pinterest I found this ribbon rosette tutorial:

It is easy to follow and I just happen to have an entire drawer full of scrap ribbon! I spent about 3 minutes on each one. I love my re-styled rosette birthday heels!

 Now if I can figure out how to fix a strappy pair of wedges that Nash also ate…